Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recently I had a wonderful observation while I was trying to pass Parameters in OA Framework from One Page to another. The difference here was that I had tried to create an icon through Personalization and wished to do no coding at all and still be able to achieve my requirement.

The very obvious approach was to use SPEL expressions and pass parameters just as we do in case the parameters were being created on the Page itself (Remember we set ActionType as fireAction and set SPEL expressions for passing parameters !). So I created an image using Personalization and set the Destination URL as the following: OA.jsp?OAFunc=Function_Name&Param1={${oa.VO_Name.VO_Attribute}}

Very strangely this does not work. So I had to come for some other way of getting around the problem. This is the expression that had to be used to get this working: OA.jsp?OAFunc=&Param1={$VO_Attribute}

Hope this information helps for the readers of this post.